Beekers' LPoS Service


At you can avoid the hassle of staking your own wallet 24/7 and get maximum returns for a minumum fee. No gimmicks, no frills, no unnecessary overkill - Just the absolute best proven service, performance and reliability you can get. Check the FAQ for more details and find out for yourself why so many people stake their coins here.

Quick shoutout to LiteLiger for featuring my service in his NIX Leased Proof Of Stake (LPOS) Tutorial video on YouTube!

Client Service Alert:

Service will end on 28JUN2021

You will have through 30JUN2021 to swap your NIX for the new Mute token. Please see for details on how to swap. Thank you for your support!

Setup Instructions

Bech32 Address

Staking from a Bech32 address is a requirement for participation in the NIX Platform Off-Chain Governance ecosystem.

Standard Address

If you do not wish to participate in the NIX Platform Off-Chain Governance, please use a Standard (P2SH Segwit) address.


Click on your wallet below for detailed cancellation instructions.



As part of the NIX community known as Beekers McCluer on both Telegram (@Beekers) and Discord (@Beekers McCluer#9206) since before the first NIX block was mined, you can always find me there. Join us and say hi! Alternatively, you can send me a message with the form below and I will get back to you soon.



My IT experience includes over 10 years of Network Engineering in addition to General Hardware and System Administration. It is in my best interest to provide you with successful stakes as often as absolutely possible and that is exactly what I do. Isn't trustless blockchain technology great?!