Beekers' Leased Proof of Stake Service

At you can avoid the hassle of staking your own wallet 24/7 and get maximum returns with a minumum fee. Simply use the information below to let me stake on your behalf, then sit back and let your NIX pile up!

Setup Instructions

  1. Open your NIX core wallet and click on LPoS
  2. Under the "Create Contract" tab, fill in the following information:
    • Lease to:
    • Amount: Enter the amount of coins you wish for me to stake on your behalf. If you'd like to stake all of them, put in the full amount and check the "Subtract fee from amount" box.
    • Check the box for "Enable fee payout"
    • Fee Percent: 5
    • Reward Address:
  3. Click the "Send NIX" button and after 200 confirmations (a network requirement), I will be actively staking for you.

Remeber, you keep full control over your coins and can cancel your contract at any time under the "Active contracts" tab!


Is there a minimum amount I need to stake?
Nope. Whether you are staking just a few or a whole bunch, you can rest assured that you'll get the maximum amount of uptime possible without having to run your own staking wallet 24/7.

How good is your uptime for staking coins?
I can't claim it is 100% because when a new NIX core wallet version is released it takes a minute or so to resync the blockchain. Also, when I do a system update it takes about 5 seconds for it to reboot. So, I can confidently say my uptime for staking coins is 99.9999%.

How can I check to see if I'm getting stakes/rewards?
Open your wallet that contains the contract for the coins I'm staking on your behalf and look at the transactions list. There you will find every stake I've made for you.

Are my coins added to a pool that enables me to get stake rewards on a set schedule?
No. The time between stakes will be no different than if you were staking them yourself 24/7.

What happens with my stake rewards?
Your rewards are automagically added to your contract which increases your chances of finding a new block without you having to do anything at all.

What happens if you decide to discontinue this service?
Because I am not able to cancel your contract, the only way I can alert people to this highly unlikely event is by announcing it on this site. But honestly, I have absolutely no intention of ever doing so.


As part of the NIX community known as Beekers McCluer on both Telegram (@Beekers) and Discord (@Beekers McCluer#9206) since before the first NIX block was mined, you can always find me there. Join us and say hi!



My IT experience includes over 10 years of Network Engineering in addition to another 10 years of general hardware and system administration. Staking on your behalf requires no additional cost for me to pass along to you, as I am already staking my own coins which I watch very closely in order to maximize my (and your) returns. It is in my best interest to provide you with successful stakes as often as computerly/humanly possible, and that is exactly what I will do. Isn't trustless blockchain technology great?!

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